Inside our Classroom

A spacious classroom of over 500 sq.ft, awaits children. Wide doors & windows, high ceiling give a spacious feel which stimulates learning.

With only 25 children in KG & 30 in other classes you can expect personal attention to the children. Our attention to detail has created a comfortable and healthy environment for every child.

Every classroom is an interactive digital class with the teacher using all three types of teaching aides to teach visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.

Around the campus

We have conserved every tree inside the campus as we built the school and have made it an integral part of the school. Shrubs, plants and trees are a part of our building including the terrace to bring nature indoors. The terrace has an open air amphitheater to engage children in performing arts in a natural setting.

A well designed and safe play area in the kindergarten section is an added treat to our children. Several sandpits, jungle gyms with padded floors, water puddles make this space interesting.



To inculcate reading habit our library is available with a wide variety of books alongside content filtered internet terminals. Fully integrated and equipped labs for math & science is available.

We have tied up with robotic telescopes located across the world, allowing children to capture pictures & videos of space objects in real time adding a new dimension to learning.

LED notice boards populate the school. Students will be able to view their drawings, paintings, movies, photos, news, time etc., on these notice boards.

Our Key Facilities

  • Integrated Science Labs
  • Design studio with green mat
  • Editing & publishing multimedia
  • Robotics and Programming
  • 3D design and printing
  • Computer assembling at component level
  • Remote robotic telescope observation & photography
  • Amateur astronomy sessions with motorized telescope


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